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What is Industry 4.0?

The term industry 4.0 refers to the Fourth Industrial Revolution driven by digital transformation in industry.


This transformation is necessary to improve the productivity, flexibility and competitiveness of any manufacturing plant.

The 3 main features are:




The intelligent factory is based on cyber-physical systems, ie integrating physical systems (machines and/or sensors) with the digital world (software).


The technological enablers of Smart Factory are Smart Sensors, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and software for intelligent decision making.


The aim is to improve the efficiency of productive resources..


 Integration of the value chain


Industry 4.0 combines information from all elements of the value chain.


For this, integration between suppliers and customers, and internal sources (manufacturing, planning, logistics, etc.) is required.


The aim is to optimize internal and external processes.




In Industry 4.0, data is captured and analyzed in real time to reduce the response and reaction time.


Decision making is sped up by allowing the system to make decisions autonomously.



The first step to making your factory smart is through the digitization of the production and manufacturing areas.


Mapex MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) is a management system that allows you to monitor manufacturing operations in real-time and to manage production processes in the plant.


Mapex provides reliable indicators (KPIs) for decision-making to improve efficiency (OEE) and productivity of the manufacturing plant.


Mapex uses the most common communication standards in the industry to ensure interoperability with other enterprise management systems (ERP, logistics, etc.).


The real-time management of manufacturing operations integrated with all elements of the value chain (suppliers, customers, etc.) make Mapex MES systems a key part of the industrial transformation towards Industry 4.0

The "Industry 4.0" concept has been forged and promoted by the German government. At the European level, the Horizon 2020 program includes the "Industry 4.0" as a strategic element for the transformation and improvement of industrial competitiveness.


At the Spanish level, it is being promoted through the initiative Industry Connected 4.0 by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.


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