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Mapex RMM

Mapex RMM

The Mapex RMM is a specialist technological solution for the management of rings, rolls and critical tools used in rolling processes.

The system automates and manages the development of all assembly plans and recipes for scheduled rolling campaigns.
Mapex RMM is a software solution designed and developed in close cooperation with rolling specialists, covering the specific needs of roll mill operators.

Mapex RMM in a rolling mill provides the following benefits:

  • Computerized and centralized know-how.
  • Cost control and tool status reporting in real time.
  • Short, medium and long-term planning and simulation of roll shaft assemblies.
  • Automation of assembly management.
  • Automatic relating of tons rolled to all items involved in the rolling process.
  • Preventive maintenance based on accumulated tons rolled.
  • Minimization of rolling mill incidents.
  • More flexible and reliable decision-making process.
  • More time available for added value tasks.
  • Integration of third party systems such as ERP, MRP, SCADA, MES etc.

Mapex RMM


Mapex RMM is structured in 4 different modules:

The first module supports the configuration of the rolling mill (stands type, stands, chocks…) and defines the rolling requirements for the entire product range.


The second module is dedicated to the management of rings, rolls, shafts, chocks, bearings and other critical tools. It is possible to configure the pass schedule for every product to be rolled, while assigning to each position in the rolling mill the previously defined stand type for the specific product. Additionally the ring and roll geometries (grooves) are defined, indicating all grooves of the roll body, their specifications, possible groove assemblies and the pass schedules for every product rolled in reversing mills


The third module performs planning activities for rolling and simulations of future assemblies for scheduled rolling campaigns. It also provides automatic planning for machining queues, assembly comparison tool, real status of rolling mill, etc.


The fourth module handles tasks such as analyses and traceability; generation of reports, charts and dashboards as well as the integration of the managed items into other systems.

The main benefits of RMM are:

  • Computerizing and centralizing know-how
  • Controlling costs, monitoring diameters and the status of items in real time
  • Planning and simulating roll shaft assemblies
  • Improving efficiency and the decision-making process

Mapex RMM


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