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Mapex Dashboards

Mapex Dashboard

The Mapex Dashboard module is a module within the Mapex suite which allows you to view all the information recorded from the factory by Mapex from any Internet-connected device.

You can use the Dashboards already created or create your own according to your needs, the possibilities are endless.
The content is displayed via a web interface, ensuring compatibility with a lot of devices. The content can be represented by graphs or tables allowing to analyze information quickly and clearly.

Mapex Dashboard

  • Interface adapted to all types of devices: PC, Tablet and Smartphone.
  • All the information provided by the Mapex platform accessible from any place.
  • Dashboards fully customizable to suit each project.
  • Ability to browse various dashboards to have different levels of detail.
  • Configurable alarms for each dashboard.
  • Option to share a dashboard with different users in the company.
  • Unlimited cloud storage of dashboards or users.
  • No infrastructure required in the company, everything is managed from the Mapex cloud.

Mapex Dashboards

  • HTTPS protocol.
  • Encrypted data stored on cloud.
  • Possibility to add a custom encryption key for maximum confidentiality.
  • Access via unique credentials for each user.
  • Administrator can see who is sharing each dashboard.

Mapex Dashboard
Mapex Dashboard
Mapex Dashboard


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