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Mapex Production Manager


We would like to introduce you to the new version of MAPEX PRODUCTION MANAGER v7, that works with the new MapexBusinessPlatform, the comprehensive system for management of production, quality, maintenance and documentation that allows you to have reliable, swift and complete control of all the information in your production areas, as well as to improve the control of traceability in the production process.

This solutions implements in a single product all the features of a M.E.S software (Manufacturing Execution System) and all the key features of a SCADA (Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition).

With the automatic capture of plant data you will have information on your processes, machines, workers and cost controls in real time, as well as an exhaustive control of the traceability of products and raw materials.

This information and the improvement in the management of production data will allow you to respond accordingly and improve your organization.

The control of times for machine downtime and worker times is one of the system’s strong points; quality control and maintenance management make it a complete and indispensable tool.

Our experience has shown that in most cases, investment in our software for the control of production, quality and maintenance can be recovered in less than two years.

Manage information in real time, with data captured by the machines themselves, or by workers.


  • Simple, Planning Control graph.
  • Management of Manufacturing Orders.
  • Workers and Machines.
  • Preparation, production and repair times.
  • Control of Issues and Output to calculate costs.
  • Control of staff attendance.

Eliminate factory paperwork! We offer touch screens to:

  • Control the areas of quality and control planning.
  • Control calibration.
  • Automatic capture of weights, temperatures, consumption, etc.
  • Traceability from raw material up until shipment.
  • Control of manufacturing batches and labels.
  • XR graphs and control of product defects.
  • SPC Control (histogram, Cp, Cpk, standard deviation...)

In this new version, version 6, a task planner for workers and machine operations is added.


This program allows you to organize the work load for your productive resources in a simple and very visual manner, with unlimited capacity.

Designed with the latest technology, with its own SQL data management system MapexDynamicQuery that allows you to query information in the simplest and yet most powerful fashion, numerically or graphically, on the screen or from the printer.


This system is more open to the market than any other because of its connection to any existing system, since this allows for the export and import of data from any external system (planning systems, MRP or ERP), and it provides all the information on the database in order to access the system from outside.


It can enable connection from the Internet for query or modification of data in real time. It can work with Microsoft SQL-Server 2005/2008/2012 or MySQL databases.

The system can communicate with any standard industrial system or network; most PLC’s on the market, PLC readers of magnetic cards with or without contact, bar-code readers, luminous displays, screens, keyboards, detectors, silo levels, scales, bar-code printers, etc. Communication with most existing industrial networks such as PROFIBUS, DEVICENET, RS485, RS232, Ethernet...

All programs and equipment used are standard. Working with these systems means that we have unlimited growth and functionality, while facilitating access to spare parts, maintenance and expansion.


This includes allowing for the use of standard software (access to manufacturer updates), open communications and standard industrial computer equipment.


Connect and network the system with your ERP and in general with any ERP that uses standard databases.


  • SAP R3
  • SAP BO
  • BAAN

  • ABAS
  • SAGE X3
  • KAIS

  • DB2

In this new version we have included the possibility of connecting the whole system through WiFi wireless technology, to reduce implementation costs and provide the system with mobility.


A test of coverage and signal quality will determine which part of the factory allows for the use of this technology.

Start out with the basic system, and expand from there whenever the need arises.


All system functions can be supplemented with the Quality and Traceability Manager, the Maintenance Manager and the Documentation Manager product suites, to endow the system with extra functionality at any time in quality control (control plan, approvals, calibration, SPC), maintenance control (change of parts, control of mechanical systems, preventive and corrective maintenance), and document management (Autocad, Excel, PDF) assigned to products, machines, procedures, manuals or instructions.


It can also integrate with other existing systems. To add modules to the system there is no need to change equipment or lose existing data. The new module is simply added and can be used right away.

The Production Module has certain standard functions, but they can be modified and reprogrammed for adaptation to each individual company, and new features can also be added.


The system can be connected to visual monitors, temperature registers, monitors of consumption of water or electricity, connections to scales… It can hook up to bar-code systems, proximity readers, RFID, wireless devices or PDA's.

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